Honor School does not mandate what you teach or provide curriculum.

Each family is free to choose what is best for their children.


Choosing curriculums can be the most overwhelming aspect of homeschooling. Spending time and effort researching before making a decision will pay off in the long run. Start researching in advance if at all possible.



There are a staggering amount of choices, but this can be a good thing. Every family is different and every child is different. Learning styles, interests, schedules, beliefs, budget; all of these will play a role in your decision. 



Curriculum can be geared towards specific religious or secular viewpoints, or none at all. Even seemingly ambiguous subjects such as Math and Handwriting often have content that not everyone agrees with. It is a good idea to know what your child will be learning before committing to any program.

Online / Books

Knowing your child's learning style will help you decide whether you will use online resources, traditional books and worksheets, or a combination of both. Many families find it helpful to start out with an easy to use online course, and supplement with books and extras as needed.

Expensive / free

Prices for curriculums range from free (yes, free!), to hundreds of dollars per child. Keep in mind that price does not always reflect usefulness and/or quality.  There is nothing worse than purchasing a $1000 all-in-one book set, only to discover it is not a good fit for your student. 

Need Suggestions?

Honor School does not endorse or promote any particular curriculum or program. We feel that parents should decide what is best for each of their children. This list of various options is provided to give you a place to start your research. It only shows a tiny fraction of the vast possibilities and is not meant to suggest any one is better than another.