Do I Qualify for Enrollment?

Students may be enrolled in Kindergarten for the school year in which they turn 5 on or before August 15th. You can begin teaching as early as you choose.


Families with current truancy issues cannot be enrolled. This applies to anyone in the household or immediate family, not just the student being enrolled. 



High school Seniors and/or students 17 and up, who are joining us for the first time, will be enrolled on a case by case basis. Please call or email to inquire about getting approval. 


Social Services

We do not enroll families who have an open case with social services (DCS, CPS, etc.) in any state. This applies to all members of the household and immediate family, not just the student.


Parent and child must be legal residents of Tennessee and both live at the same address. The home address must be verifiable be included on your enrollment. PO Boxes are not accepted.


At least one parent must have a high school diploma or GED and be willing to provide verification if needed. This requirement is mandated by the state and cannot be waived. 


Debit and credit cards are accepted. Payment must be made by the legal parent or guardian who is homeschooling the student; this is for verification purposes. Cash, personal checks, money orders, etc are not accepted.

The items listed above are the most common reasons for exlclusion.
This is in no way a complete or exhaustive list of every possible scenerio that might lead to denial of enrollment.